What  people say about The Lodges Residential care homes in Cardiff

Below are a selection of testimonials about the lodges.

“I have been working as a GP in Cardiff for 30 years, during which time I have been called to see patients in The Lodges at a variety of times of the day and night. Without doubt the Lodges offer the best standards of care of any homes that I have visited. I have always found the staff highly professional and compassionate and the homes very pleasant, homely and welcoming. Over the many years that I have known them, I have recommended The Lodges to a number of friends, relatives and patients and those that have become residents have been very happy and well cared for”

Dr. Peter Groom – Cyncoed, Cardiff.

“On the occasions I visited Ty Draw Lodge I have always been impressed with the warm friendly feeling you have in your home. Certainly J could not have been in a better place. I love the picture of her laughing by the window on your website. I noticed J always had the seat in the bay window. She loved watching people – playing football, walking their dogs, jogging and pushing prams but most of all she loved looking at the trees and the sky. Please thank all your staff for looking after J so well, it was a great relief to J and me to know that she was safe and happy with you. Thank you for everything.”


“I have lived at Ty Draw since 2002, I am very happy here it’s my home. My family visit and they are always made welcome. I had a birthday recently and 14 of my family came and we all celebrated my birthday at Ty Draw Lodge, and I had a great time with all friends.”


“May I, on behalf of my mother and myself, take this opportunity and thank you personally, as well as all the staff at Ty Draw Lodge for the care and indeed friendship you have shown my mother during her time with you.

I and the family anticipated that Mum would find the life style change in living at Ty Draw Lodge a traumatic experience for her, however this was to prove not so. Other than her first night with you, and this was because of her anxiety over the change, I have not had any negative comments from her about any of her experiences at Ty Draw Lodge. I put this positivity down to the very professional way the staff conduct their duties.

It is clear to see that Mum has a good quality of life with you, which she advises me she enjoys very much, from her regular hairdresser appointments to the various activities you provide.

I am well aware of her friendship with the other ladies and gentlemen who live at the Lodge, a number of which I know she is very close to. This friendship is important to Mum and helps her in her everyday life with you.the lodges residential care home cardiff

On a personal note I would thank you and the staff for the way the family is treated when we visit Mum. Not just for the tea and biscuits, but the friendly and informative way we are responded to. I use the word informative to mean the way we are kept up to date on how life is for Mum and how her life changes as her mind state changes. I must say that I have also developed friendships with the residents and staff which help to make my visits to Mum pleasurable and my subsequent leaving her easier.

Thanks to all.”


” Just a quick note to thank you for all the care given to my mother during her first year at living at the Lodge.

The atmosphere at Ty Draw is very homely and cosy and she has settled in really well. It is a relief to us to know she is in capable hands and we no longer have to worry about her everyday safety and welfare. We are so grateful to the kindness and attention given by all the staff and we hope that Mum will continue to enjoy her remaining years there in her comfortable home.



“A year ago myself and my sisters made a difficult decision to find a residential home for my mum after it became too unsafe for her to live on her own.

We spent a week at looking at different places for her to stay which would be suitable for her and her needs. As soon as we entered Ty Draw Lodge a feeling of warmth greeted us and the kindness and genuineness of the staff was recognised straight away. This has remained the case.

Every weekend I pick my mum up and take her to my house for some lunch or dinner and after a few hours she asks for me to take her home. This is consequently good to hear as the feeling of guilt we had of moving her from her own house was proved unnecessary. She settled extremely quickly and I am kept informed of her wellbeing and any issues which arise and vice versa.

My thanks go to all the staff that help my mum daily and have assisted her in making Ty Draw Lodge her home.”