Due to the recent global outbreak of the Corona Virus, we have taken a number of precautionary steps to limit the amount of contact our vulnerable residents have with families, visitors and professionals. We thank you for your understanding.

Effective immediately, we are asking all staff to change in to specially provided footwear within our homes. We have made it known to visiting professionals of all disciplines to enter the premises via the rear of the building where extra sanitary measures can take place. We are asking families and visitors to please conduct visits via skype if they feel they may have been in contact with anyone from an affected country or area in the UK. For those who have recently returned from abroad, we ask that you please resist visiting until you are confident you are infection free. This is advised as being 14 days. All employees from the two separate homes are being timetabled only at one home so there is no danger of any cross infection should it enter one of the homes, and employees such as myself, the Registered Individual and other office employees are working remotely.

Our Care Assistants are well versed in these procedures, so please do not be offended if you are refused entry.