Hello Everyone,

With the situation changing almost by the hour in relation to Corona Virus, I feel it is vital to  appraise you of our position and what we are currently doing to try and keep everyone in our care safe.  We know that we are responsible  for the care of the most vulnerable  group in the community and we therefore ask that you  understand and support our actions which we believe are for the overall safely of everyone.

We are all in uncharted territory and no one has complete, definitive knowledge  as to the future trajectory of the  epidemic. All we can do is rely on our 40 years of rigorous infection control measures and put as many safeguards as possible in place. 


For weeks we have been preparing for this situation. All our staff have had gloves and sanitizers supplied by us to use outside of work. They have been given a raft of instructions about using these resources, socializing, using public transport, using cash, sanitizing mobile phones,  social distancng  and  of course  instructions on meticulous handwashing and  how to  a report  any concerns.  We have barred from workplace any staff returning  from foreign holidays  for 14 days and will be paying them whilst they are in self isolation. This is because  any flying carries a  risk both from air crew, the planes themselves, other passengers and  airports.    Our service users are only as safe as the people they come into contact with.

We now know that there are at least 2 confirmed cases in Cardiff. You may think this is insignificant but we all need to remember that  those two people may have been infectious for at least a week prior to diagnosis, maybe even longer. During that time they may have been to supermarkets, banks, resturants,  pubs, the cinema etc. No one can be certain that they have not come into contact with this virus indirectly already.

The government is advocating a staged approach. “Contain” being the first and “Delaying the spread” the second.  Within the care home setting we need to be effective at stage ONE  because to slow the spread  if it were to get inside the home will likely be well nigh impossible with our client group. 

For this reason we are taking what may seem to be some drastic measures immediately. 

We have  asked all but ESSENTIAL visitors to stay away. We have set up an I pad for each home and  you will be able to talk with your relatives by  calling using facetime as follows

Tydraw Lodge      tydraw37@gmail.com

Wentworth Lodge      wentworthlodge7@gmail.com

The I pad will be sanitized  between uses and kept in the  lounge or dining room.

I know this isn’t ideal but in the circumstances we consider it to be the best option.  If you need other forms of visual contact please let  us know and we will try and accommodate them.  It may be that you  will consider purchasing an individual smart device for your relative. 

Doctors and health care professionals will be asked to enter at the rear, go straight to a dedicated  zone,  put on a mask  and sanitize their hands under our supervision.  This is because we can not be certain  that  health professionals are not carrying the  virus themselves. They are high risk  for obvious reasons.

We are obviously  being  super rigorous with  sanitizing  surfaces and  ensuring regular hand washing of  both staff and service users hands.  We have ordered 4 machines to clean the air in circulation though how effective these will be is somewhat uncertain. We have also asked staff to remove outdoor shoes  at the door and have a pair of indoor ones in the homes to avoid bringing the virus in on their feet.  

If you have any other ideas that may help us please let us know.

If anyone has a spare push bike they can lend us we need a few. This is to  enable staff to avoid public transport which will be a major source of infection.

We will give you quick updates by text if things change of course.

We understand that these restrictions will cause  sacrifice and  inconvenience  but  we  trust that you will see the  long term benefits. “This too will pass”. We just need to ensure that  we are not left with devastation in the wake. 

With  kindest regards

Very sincerely

Mary Cottrell 

Responsible Individual.