Nandos show kindness to care home staff
Nandos rang us totally out of the  blue and asked if they could make a free delivery to our care home with lunches for all our staff.  This spontaneous gesture of appreciation for our very overworked staff was a wonderful surprise to us all and was really appreciated.
Nandos show kindness to care home staffWe have the most rigorous preventative measures in place within the homes. Staff were issued with hand sanitiser and gloves to use outside of work 5 weeks ago. We have had the strictest of protocols in place for 3 weeks.
The Lodges have been in business for nearly 40 years and during this period we have seen some very challenging times, but none more than at present. With such acts of kindness, as shown by the staff of Nandos, will ensure that we have the strength to get through this most difficult period.
Thank you Nandos!
Mary Cottrell MBA. 
Responsible Individual
Tydraw and Wentworth Lodges care homes