The Lodges Dementia Care Home Roath Cardiff

Dementia care home in Cardiff – whether it’s Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, mixed dementia, Lewy Body dementia, Parkinson’s or one of the other forms of dementia we can help.

At The Lodges we specialise in caring for people with dementia. We use our many years of experience to calm and deflect situations which can arise. Being able to notice the early signs of a resident becoming agitated or unsettled means we can refocus their attentions allowing them to feel more at ease.

Dementia is not a disease in itself, but rather an collective term for a variety of symptoms that may accompany or indicate certain diseases or conditions. There are many types of dementia, the most common of these being Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Dementia is a progressive condition, meaning that the symptoms will get progressively worse over time.

By understanding the world from the prospective of the person experiencing a Dementia, we are able to offer specialist care, centred around each individual ensuring inclusion, respect and privacy.

If you are concerned about the care of a loved one with dementia then please contact us today so we can show you around our care homes and discuss your needs.